Privacy policy

Privacy policy

1. Preface actively protects its services and users, and we have taken a number of security measures to protect us and the users against loss of and/or abuse of personal data provided to us.
Only a limited number of employees can access the data you provide to and we have strict internal rules in place controlling the persons that have access to user information, serveras and databases.

2. Personal Data Protection handles user data in accordance with international legislation. These laws guard users against invasion of privacy when providing personal information to websites.

When registering an account at, and/or during use of the service, the user may be asked to provide personal data. This information is necessary for to deliver its services as promised and for to administrate the services provided and payments received. Information processed is data given in connection with registration as well as information stored in the invoicing software database. This includes, but is not limited to, name, surname, company name, personal ID number, company registration ID number, VAT ID, address, telephone number, e-mail address and other similar types of information. We reserve the right to complete this information with other data available in private and public registers in order to, but not limited to, check the clients credit rating and to verify address data and other data provided by the client. We don't share any personal information with a third party.

The personal data is used for administrative purposes, analysis, service development, informing clients and marketing purposes. Should you as a client object to your personal data being used for marketing purposes, please contact us.

3. Use Of Cookies uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file sent from our servers to your web browser and the cookie can not identify you as a person, only the computer you have used when visiting our homepage.

Cookies are used to make sure that our homepage and services work securely and correctly. Cookies are for example required in order to guarantee that the login process is secure and to minimize the risk of unauthorized persons accessing your accounts. Cookies are also required for making certain functions of our website and service work. A cookie cannot save programs and we do not save any personal information through cookies and we cannot use cookies to trace private user data.

There are two types of cookies - sessoin cookies and permanent cookies. A session cookie is ued to send data between your computer and our servers. This makes sure that our website and service works correctly during your visit. A session cookie is not stored on your computer and it disappears as soon as you close down your browser. A permanent cookie is saved on your computer and allows our homepage to recognize your web browser and IP address the next time you log in. Private information can not be traced using cookies.

You can refuse our website to store cookies on your computer by changing your web browser settings. We do however inform you that our website and/or services provided, and/or parts of the websites/services provided, may not work if you disable cookies.