Billflip Invoicing Software - Advantages

Invoicing with Billflip online invoicing software is easy. We have created this invoicing software (billing software) with one single goal in mind - to make it easier for you to invoice (bill) your customers. We have spent a lot of time to create a program that is extremely easy to use (it only takes a couple of minutes to create your first invoice), but at the same time offers a lot of advanced functions that cover all your invoicing needs.

I did not know that invoicing could be so simple before I started using Billflip. Josh McShane, Freelance Web Designer.

Beautiful Invoices - For Free!

Beautiful invoice templates guarantee that your invoices look professional. Forget homemade Excel tables and ugly Word documents - our invoicing service makes sure that your invoices reflect your company's professionality.

Your logo on invoices - for free! Many invoicing solutions charge the user for basic functionality, such as adding your logotype to the invoices. We don't! Upload your logo with a few clicks of the mouse and it will be displayed on all your invoices.

No hidden costs. All our users can try all features of our billing software free of charge. Unlike many of our competitors who charge users extra for using certain modules, all features are accessible for all of our trial users. You will never get hit by any hidden and unexpected charges, everything is clear and transparent.

Easy and Quick Invoicing Saves Time and Money

Invoicing should be easy! Our goal is to simplify the invoicing process for smaller companies. We have created an extremely user-friendly interface - clean, crisp and understandable. We know and understand the importance of easy navigation and instant access to the required information and our main motto is user-friendliness.

Increase your revenue! Invoicing can be a time-consuming and boring endeavour. Our invoicing software saves you a lot of time - time that you can spend on networking, marketing and other revenue-increasing activities. Billflip also reminds you if an invoice is overdue, meaning that you will never have to worry about forgetting to remind clients who have forgotten to pay.

Create and send invoices with a few clicks. It is easy to start invoicing with Billflip. It just takes a few clicks of the mouse to create your first invoice, and you can instantly send it by e-mail through our invoicing software, or print it and send through regular post.

Since I found Billflip, I spend a lot less time on invoicing. Time that I instead can spend on more important activities that increase sales. Jackson Hartley, Shop Owner

Advanced Invoicing Features

Recurring invoices. Our invoicing solution supports recurring invoices, which is great if you for example sell subscriptions or own a house where you rent out apartments and need to invoice the same amount each month. Instead of manually creating each invoice you can leave this to Billflip invoicing software. Just create the first invoice, set when it should be sent to your client and Billflip will take care of everything else!

Customized taxes. Different states have different taxes (for example Sales Tax). Billflip allows you to customize all tax levels for each individual item, making sure that your invoices will always show the correct amount no matter how many items you add to your invoices.

Offers and Credit Notes. Our invoicing software has support for Offers and Credit Notes, and it is extremely easy to convert an offer to an invoice - it just takes a click of the mouse! Our invoicing program also reminds you if an offer has expired. Should you need to create a Credit Note, it can be done in a few seconds - invoicing with Billflip is fast, secure and efficient!

I own a small construction company and Billflip billing software suits my needs perfectly, especially since it is so easy to add different custom taxes. Jason Clarkson, CEO

Our Goal: Secure Invoicing Made Easy

Intuitive UI (user interface). A lot of invoicing solutions are unnecessarily complex and hard to use. We have designed an intuitive UI which guarantees that anyone can start using our invoicing software within minutes - we take you through the first steps, help you along the way and make sure that you can invoice like a pro without any previous knowledge of the intricacies of invoicing.

Online invoicing software for maximum security. Since Billflip is an online-based invoicing solution, security is extremely important. All data is stored on secure servers and we perform daily back-up to guarantee maximum security. Stop worrying about computer breakdowns, hard drive crashes and keeping your software up-to-date - with our online invoicing solution, you will never lose your important files due to a hard drive failure and the software will always be up-to-date with the latest version.